Crescent Plaza Fountain

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Granite Modular Feature

This granite water feature is located at the street corner and has an upper basin with 13 jets alternating heights and spilling water over a rough granite face into a lower basin. The feature offers a energetic water flow effect with programmable color changing LED lighting effects.


Project Details

60-ft x 6-ft
JP2 Architects
Columbia, MD
Howard Hughes
prime contractor:
The Whiting Turner Constracting Company
landscape architect:
Mahan Rykiel Associates

1 Naturstein im Einsatz

Preview Fuerstensteiner Granit Geschliffen C320

Fuerstenstein Granite, honed

Handelsbezeichnung:Fuerstenstein Granite (Diorite)
Petrographische Bezeichnung:Diorite
Bruchort:Paradise Quarry, Paradies 8, 94538 Fuerstenstein, Germany
Geokoordinaten:13.322° E / 48.710° N (WGS 84)
Typische Farbe:anthracite to dark grey
Visuelles Aussehen:

fine/medium-grained; appears with white, partially also differently coloured veining of various widths and shapes as well as lighter and darker mineral accumulations

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