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Wall coverings, water wall

Kusser Steinwaende Rewe Fuenf Hoefe
Kusser Wasserwand Rewe Fuenf Hoefe

The wall and counter coverings with a split surface, as well as the almost 3 m tall water wall, completely pre-fabricated at the factory, are built from Fuerstenstein diorite.


Project Details

REWE Markt GmbH
250 x 75 x 285 cm (water wall)

Used natural stones

Preview Fuerstensteiner Granit Geschliffen C320

Fuerstenstein Granite, honed

Water wall
Trade name: Fuerstenstein Granite (Diorite)
Petrographic name : Diorite
Quarry: Paradise Quarry, Paradies 8, 94538 Fuerstenstein, Germany
Coordinates: 13.322° E / 48.710° N (WGS 84)
Typical colour: anthracite to dark grey
Visual appearance:

fine/medium-grained; appears with white, partially also differently coloured veining of various widths and shapes as well as lighter and darker mineral accumulations

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