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Where there is water, there is life.

Kusser Brunnen System 2

Fountains from Kusser: durable, stylish, and refined.

People like to gather around a fountain. That's not surprising, water is the origin of all life and has always created a magical attraction. In architecture, water is an elementary design tool. For over 35 years, Kusser has been developing oases of granite. Such as fountains, water courses, water tables, climate fountains, water walls and much more.


Complete solutions – the purest form of pleasure.

  • Solid granite: durability and beauty for decades
  • Frost-resistant and chemical-resistant
  • Every fountain is meticulously checked and tested in our factory
  • A uniquely high degree of waterproofness in this product sector thanks to our own modular design developed in-house
  • Design freedom: bespoke planning and production in line with customer’s individual wishes
  • A truly exquisite appeal: stone chiming together in harmony with glass, stainless steel and bronze

Projects with fountain systems from Kusser.

Solid granite vs natural stone cladding

For all our fountains we use solid natural stone cross sections and not a cheaper concrete core with natural stone cladding just on the surface. This highest level of real quality workmanship allows the creation of perfect design and also of slim-line base and wall cross sections. Furthermore, the use of solid granite means one weak point less in the complex business of fountain construction. Where there are no materials of varying quality coming together, it is impossible for water and weather to wreak any havoc and cause damage along any join because there is none.

One fountain system, endless possibilities.

At Kusser you will find seated around one table architects, engineers, specialist fountain planners, stonemasons and technicians so that the ultimate solution for fountains of all sizes can be expertly developed. From a fountain display to a water table feature. For indoors and outdoors. And the extra bonus of the programming of all kinds of water and lighting effects is always included in a Kusser fountain system.

So whatever ideas are cascading through your mind, we’d love you to talk to us about them. We are really confident that together we can take your thoughts and ideas and weave them into a tapestry of new and exceptional quality.

Any questions?

G Fraunberger
Gert Fraunberger
Sales Manager Fountains, Project Manager

When it comes to fountain systems, Gert Fraunberger is your man. He will be able to give a quick answer to virtually any questions you might have on the subject of water and stone. The best idea is to get in touch with him right away.