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The new stone age.

Kusser Warum Naturstein 2

Nothing is as fascinating as natural stone.

Rock is as old as the Earth. Natural stone has been a key raw material resource throughout human history. Modern-day methods have made it possible to copy natural stone effectively – but a copy is never quite the same as the original. Moreover, we are seeing a general trend back toward the natural; the authentic. Natural stone is currently more popular than it has been for a long time. And it's no wonder: the natural benefits of stone are not so easy to replicate.


Benefits of natural stone:

  • No two pieces of natural stone are alike; their patterning is as unique as the grain of wood
  • Inclusions, veins and strata tell stories from time immemorial
  • Unlimited durability
  • Timelessly beautiful
  • Resistant to weathering and frost
  • Natural stone is eco-friendly and reusable
  • Stone is a renewable resource; there is always new rock being created somewhere on earth
  • Quarries are a habitat for rare animal and plant species

Projects with natural stones by Kusser:

100 years' experience in natural stone.

For our granite, 100 years represent barely the blink of an eye. But those 100 years represent a great deal in terms of our experience and know-how in working with natural stone. Kusser combines traditional stonemasonry with high-tech machinery and innovation. Kusser is a world leader in the natural stone industry.

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Anita Bessinger
Natural stone working

The subject of natural stone is broad-ranging – as is Anita Bessinger's wealth of experience. If you have any questions, she is the right person to contact.