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Perfection in fountains.

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Public fountains, interactive fountains, water tables, and more, from Kusser.

Maybe you already have an idea for a fountain design. Your next concerns are most likely its technical feasibility and financial viability. We will tell you quite honestly: fountains from Kusser cost money. But in the long term you will save. It's well worthwhile checking out the technical details and benefits.


Advantages of Kusser fountains:

  • Complete fountain in natural stone
  • Slender wall and floor cross-sections
  • Frost-proof, resistant to weathering and chemicals
  • Stylish: Water level just below the rim
  • Refined: Technical systems concealed in the side wall
  • Even large modules are delivered in one piece
  • Easy-care beauty for many years

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G Fraunberger
Gert Fraunberger
Sales Manager Fountains, Project Manager

When it comes to fountain systems, Gert Fraunberger is your man. He will be able to give a quick answer to virtually any questions you might have on the subject of water and stone. The best idea is to get in touch with him right away.