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Kusserpool - Purism with depth

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Kusser brings water and natural stone together in a fascinating new combination. We merge the ancient tranquillity of granite with the natural brilliance of water in the aesthetic and puristic form of a natural stone pool. Its large-scale granite components, self-supporting construction and thin walls allow clear, uncompromising design language with great creative freedom.

Our granite comes from domestic sources:

  • from our own quarries in the Bavarian Forest
  • quarried and processed with very low CO₂ emissions
  • specialist planning, production and assembly from a single source
  • single panels with several square meters of surface area
  • resistant to frost and chemicals
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Puristic design with clear advantages:

Puristic details
All built-in parts are incorporated directly in the solid granite and do not require extensive coverings. Built-in and add-on parts such as stairs, overflow gutters and gutter covers can also be made of granite.

Shimmering water
The natural stone underlines the water’s natural colour and depth.

Self-supporting construction
With its slender but solid granite walls, the pool can be constructed flush with the ground or free-standing without additional support structures.

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Solid granite
Built-in and add-on parts such as stairs, overflow gutters and gutter covers can also be made of granite.

Perfect planning
Besides the production of pools, Kusser offers its customers planning, static measurement and of course also the delivery and installation of pools.

Short construction period
Modular prefabrication in our factory ensures that we can construct the pool on the customer’s property quickly, without the long setting times typical of concrete structures.

High-quality workmanship
Factory production guarantees that every pool is of the same high quality. On request, we can arrange a test run so that the customer can view and inspect the pool in our factory.

As natural as possible
The specially developed modular design enables construction without visible mortar joints and artificial sealant.

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Nature resculptured.

Those who resolve to take a new direction often find themselves on untrodden ground. The development of the Kusserpool with its self-supporting construction was made possible only through skilled workmanship and the innovations that followed. We have patent protected its distinctiveness and uniqueness.

European patent granted: EP 3 743 576 B1
Registered German utility model: DE 20 2020 102 734 U1

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An excellent combination of reliability and dynamism.

The unique idea and completely new interpretation of natural stone pools has recently been awarded in the context of Callwey’s competition “Gärten des Jahres 2020” as best product innovation in the category “Pools and Swimming Ponds”.

Any questions?

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Daniel Braun
Sales Kusserpool

As a trained stonemason master, Daniel Braun can answer all your questions. Would you like to know more about the Kusserpool? Our specialist knows it down to the last detail, so we recommend you contact him directly.