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Kusserpool - awarded at the Gardens of the Year 2020

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Lately, private pools in single-family homes are becoming considerably more popular. The natural stone pool is considered a particularly high-quality style. With over 30 years of experience in the construction of fountains in public spaces, Kusser has taken on this product field. Kusserpool developed a completely novel prefabricated swimming pool made of natural stone.

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An excellent combination between reliability and dynamics.

The Kusser company is known for its urge to try new things and to walk new paths gladly. Combining the know-how of stonecutters, engineers, specialist planners, and architects allows new products, such as the Kusserpool, to emerge from visions, most modern technology, and proven raw material.

The unique idea and completely new interpretation of the “natural stone pool” were recently awarded as the best product innovation in the category “Pools and Swimming Pools” in the competition “Gardens of the Year 2020” by Callwey.

The noble natural stone pool comes from Kusser Granitwerke in the Bavarian Forest: a swimming pool made predominantly out of granite. Natural stone and water thereby enter a beautiful blend: The stone expresses the constant, the calm – the water the versatile, the dynamic.

Callwey "Gardens of the Year 2020"
Label Gd J2020 Dasbeste Produkt

The competition is one of the most important industry events. Landscape architects, garden designers, and garden and landscape builders are annually called upon to submit particularly successful, realised private gardens, which are selected and rewarded by a renowned jury.

In 2020, the competition was held for the fifth time. This year, for the second time, the best product innovations in garden design were selected in several categories.

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The Kusserpool – Purism with depth

Filigree wall thickness and monolithic impression are not possible when conventionally constructing a natural stone pool, from a cast-in-place concrete or prefabricated pool with subsequent adhesion with natural stone slabs.

The archaise tranquillity of the granite and the natural clarity of the water – as a natural pool united in aesthetic and puristic form – out of one vision emerged our newest product. Unlike conventional pools, the Kusser pool is self-supporting and does not require any additional supporting structure. The pool consists of solid granite slabs with an area of several square meters, which are prefabricated in the factory, glued together to form pools, and delivered with defined connections. Extra-wide pools are designed in modular construction and assembled on site. The in-house manufacture enables the highest quality of execution.

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As a trained stonemason master, Daniel Braun can answer all your questions. Would you like to know more about the Kusserpool? Our specialist knows it down to the last detail, so we recommend you contact him directly.