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Natural beauty. Natural stone for interior areas.

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Granite as the ideal building material for stairways, floor coverings, and more.

Modern-day trends are often virtual in nature. Talking of nature: Sometimes something that has been around forever becomes popular all over again. Nature is finding its way into living spaces and other interior areas. Stairways and floor coverings in sandblasted or polished granite immediately imbue a room with an air of exclusivity. They create a stylish combination when paired with coarse-finished granite as an accent feature.

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A Bassinger
Anita Bessinger
Natural stone working

The subject of natural stone is broad-ranging – as is Anita Bessinger's wealth of experience. If you have any questions, she is the right person to contact.

Schreiter Stephanie
Stephanie Schreiter
Dipl.-Ingenieurin, Construction Sales

From professional expert planning to complete solutions, Stephanie Schreiter has the answers to your questions and will gladly provide information on our services. Why don’t you contact her personally now?