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The high art of precision.

Kusser Kunstwerke Mat Chivers

Works of art in granite.

Works of art would not be art if they did not diverge from the norm. That divergence always poses a major challenge to our work. The many works of art, on-site art installations and land-art projects we have realized have often led to innovations or to the development of new working methods.


Natural stone offers a whole host of benefits:

  • Granite is imperishable
  • Precision workmanship even on large-scale objects
  • Expert planners verify technical feasibility
  • Post tensioned granite – defying gravity
  • Successful collaboration with artists for more than 25 years

A 'work of art' that is truly astounding.

"The trust that artists place in Kusser when they commission us to produce their works is a constant motivation for us to keep delivering top performance."

Special challenges demand special know-how.

To fashion a 10 meter high column from a stone, for example, the raw material deposit has to be of sufficient scale and defect-free, and the area has to be carefully managed. But it takes a lot more than that. Stones of such a size can only be worked by machinery designed to handle large formats. Objects weighing up to 80 tonnes can be worked at the Kusser factory – an unmatched capability.

Any questions?

J Bauer
Josef Bauer
Dipl.-Ingenieur (FH), Plant Manager

Josef Bauer works passionately every day to ensure your products meet the exacting Kusser quality standards, and are delivered on time. Do you have any current requests, or general questions about production? He will gladly help you further.