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Ebb and Flow

Kusser Kunstwerke Ebb And Flow
Kusser Kunstwerke Ebb And Flow 2

"Ebb and Flow" consists of a granite bowl with a diameter of 2.4 m and height of 1.1 m. It weighs 7 tonnes and stands in the middle of a spiral-shaped granite path next to the historic "Newbury Lock", with which it is connected by an underground pipe. Because of this connection the water level rises and falls in the bowl and in the lock at the same time. The sculpture "Ebb and Flow" is at the southern end of Northbrook Street near the canal bridge.


Project Details

238 x 238 x 103 cm
Newbury, Great Britain
Peter Randall-Page

Used natural stones

Preview Fuerstensteiner Granit Gestockt

Fuerstenstein Granite, bush-hammered

Trade name: Fuerstenstein Granite (Diorite)
Petrographic name : Diorite
Quarry: Paradise Quarry, Paradies 8, 94538 Fuerstenstein, Germany
Coordinates: 13.322° E / 48.710° N (WGS 84)
Typical colour: anthracite to dark grey
Visual appearance:

fine/medium-grained; appears with white, partially also differently coloured veining of various widths and shapes as well as lighter and darker mineral accumulations

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