tremolo 79 Hz sculpture

Kusser Kunstwerke Tremolo

The “tremelo 79 Hz” sculpture was cut out monolithically from a block of African Gabbro granite using a rope saw and polished. It is the result of a restricted tender for a monolithic sculpture on the forecourt of the Art Nouveau festival hall in Landau, which was awarded to Jochen Kitzbihler. Building on the natural frequency of the sculpture, Johannes S. Sistermann composed the sound performance “Im Inneren Stein” (“In the inner stone”), which he performed with the percussionist Frank Köllges at the Landau festival hall for the first time, at the reveal of the sculpture.


Project Details

62 x 124 x 405 cm
City of Landau in the Palatinate Area
Jochen Kitzbihler
other information:
Afrikanischer Gabbro, gesägt mit Seilsäge, geschliffen

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