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Good for the climate.

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Water walls and climate fountains. Interior design that helps keep the air clean.

Room air quality is not visible, but it is certainly perceptible. Heat, humidity and cleanliness are key factors determining whether we feel at ease in a room, enabling us to stay healthy and be productive. Climate walls are a healthy and visually appealing alternative to conventional air-conditioning systems: They work without creating drafts, are silent, and do not congest airways.


Benefits of Kusser climate fountains:

  • Effective room cooling and air purification for greater comfort
  • Air dehumidification or humidification as required
  • Silent
  • Draft-free
  • Healthy: Do not congest airways
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Environmentally friendly and energy-saving

Get inspired.

The physics of a room climate.

Warm air is able to absorb more moisture than cold air. That is why hot air often has a tropical feel, while dry air (from a heating system) typically irritates the nasal mucosa. The optimum room climate is somewhere between the two. Conventional heating and cooling systems such as air-conditioning systems regulate the room temperature, but not the humidity. Quite the opposite in fact: air-conditioning systems initially collect unwanted condensation, subsequently resulting in mold. They frequently require maintenance and disinfection.

Water walls regulate the climate quite naturally.

Water acts like an air-conditioning system without the disadvantages. The key is that the water should have a large enough surface area. It was that knowledge that led us to the idea of the climate fountain. We built stone walls down with a thin film of water slowly and silently trickling down them. Like a carpet of water working to produce a healthy room climate. The liquid absorbs moisture and dirt particles from the air or discharges moisture to the air, depending on the room temperature. With no drafts, silently, and without any technical installations. The optimum room climate is maintained at all times – quite naturally, and automatically.

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