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Frequently asked questions

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What services does Kusser offer for fountain projects?

The starting points of our work are the ideas of architects and contractors, independent of the planning stage. In order to meet the high expectations our customers have with regards to quality, we have built up our own specialist departments over the last 30 years for the implementation of complete projects. The decision is yours, whether you commission us for the complete project, or just for planning, production, or installation.

Which process steps does Kusser cover for fountain projects?

Upon request, we will implement your project as a complete package. This means that as well as the natural stone work, we offer foundation work, the water technology, pipe laying, lighting, and the electronic controls. Only the excavation and the surface connection to the finished fountain are typically completed by local construction companies.

What is special about Kusser fountain systems and why are they better than conventional construction designs?

Fountain systems are typically made from a concrete substructure that is then only covered by natural stone. Stress cracks in the joints and contact surfaces between substructure and covering are unavoidable, and cause damage to the construction over time. Flaking coverings and open joints in the covering lattice are visible signs of damage. More serious consequences are increased water consumption and undercutting foundations and adjacent coverings. The damage caused often forces the fountain to be turned off and transformed into a flowerbed. A real pity about the fountain. The Kusser fountain system also builds large fountain complexes from pre-fabricated, solid natural stone elements. Highly precise contact surfaces between the elements allow the implementation of special seals which not only waterproof the elements in the long term, but also connect them elastically. The fountain is made from only one material. Flaking, problems with the seals of the elements, and other issues with the different heat expansion of the load-bearing structure and the surface covering, are now a thing of the past

Are there size limitations?

The Kusser fountain system consists of individual, pre-fabricated modules. In terms of size, these modules must be planned so that transport is economically viable. However, this limit only defines the number of modules. There is not an actual size limit for this construction type.

Which materials are suitable for fountain systems?

Natural stones and hard stones, such as granite, are perfect for fountain systems. The durability of the natural construction material has many advantages in such applications. However, we do not limit ourselves to only one material. We rather see our task as finding the perfect material for your project to make your ideas a reality.

Will Kusser take over the planning and implementation of the water technology?

For over 40 years, Kusser has also taken over the planning and implementation of the technical components for water features and fountains. Over the years, more and more experts have joined the team, so that we have long been able to implement any and every type of water feature.

Are there regulations for the construction of fountain systems and/or water features?

There is no simple answer to this question. There are some regulations directly regarding fountains, mainly from the area of electric equipment (VDE). In most cases, regulations from similar areas are consulted. This is seldom advantageous for planned systems. For example, sometimes swimming pool regulations are used. The disadvantage is that the equipment is often more expensive, but not more useful. We recommend a consultation before starting, so that the contractor can decide how many safety features must be implemented.

Will there be regulations for the construction of fountain systems and/or water features in future?

Yes. Multiple committees of the DIN and other organizations are working on them. We are also involved in this work, as we believe that clear regulations are in the best interests of the users.

What will happen to fountains and/or water features if new regulations are implemented?

Only individual danger analyses can determine whether changes to existing systems are required, and what they must be. We will gladly support you with our experience and help develop solutions.

How are fountain systems operated and how are they maintained?

Every fountain system requires regular maintenance. You decide the engineering concept in the planning phase, which directly correlates to the maintenance requirements and ultimately what the maintenance costs will be. After commissioning, you will of course receive a detailed and personal introduction with the handover of the operating and maintenance manuals. We also offer maintenance contracts for the regular maintenance and seasonal startup and shutdown.