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Expert planning for bridges, fountains and natural stone.

Kusser Leistungen Fachplanung

So that even large-scale projects go to plan.

Construction projects, such as designing a city park, a train station, a pedestrian bridge or a building facade cladding, entail major capital investment. Their realization is a balancing act between fulfilling architectural visions and keeping to the budget. As your expert planning consultant, we will tell you at an early stage of the project how the plans can best be implemented, and what is feasible, and we will provide you with an initial cost estimate. Our reliability as expert planners is evidenced by the many projects we have successfully realized – such as the fountains at the Pulkovo outlet centers in St. Petersburg and Belaya Dacha near Moscow, Russia.


Expert planning independent of production order.

You can commission Kusser just to act as an expert planning consultant. Who carries out the production and installation is up to you as the architect or site developer. Utilize our expert practical know-how – whether you commission us to carry out any other work or not.

Enabling you to plan – What Kusser's expert planning delivers:

  • Reliable cost estimating and feasibility studies right from the planning phase
  • Complete tender documentation
  • CAD designs
  • Proof of stability
  • Quote evaluation

Projects planned by Kusser: