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Exclusive, durable and easy to maintain. Natural stone for exterior areas.

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Paving, cladding and street furniture for the city.

Natural stone is at home outdoors. Its durability and zero-maintenance lifespan make granite the ideal building material for city squares, stairways, train stations, pavilions, columns, building facade cladding, and much more. Its wide-ranging surface finish options enable natural stone to fit almost any design style. Polished to a mirror-smooth finish, granite exudes a noble air of exclusivity; in a soft satin finish it has an inviting warmth; and flamed with sharp edges it creates an archaic effect.

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A Bassinger
Anita Bessinger
Natural stone working

The subject of natural stone is broad-ranging – as is Anita Bessinger's wealth of experience. If you have any questions, she is the right person to contact.

Schreiter Stephanie
Stephanie Schreiter
Dipl.-Ingenieurin, Construction Sales

From professional expert planning to complete solutions, Stephanie Schreiter has the answers to your questions and will gladly provide information on our services. Why don’t you contact her personally now?