Slender, flush-installed pond bridges

Kusser Teich Bruecken 3

Strong really can be this slender.

Previously, a very thick base slab or an arch was needed in order to ensure the necessary load-bearing capacity. The times of visual compromise are gone. Pond bridges made of post tensioned granite are slender and straight. The post tensioning means the pond bridge is about one third as slim as a standard granite slab. Alongside the advantage of looking great, the bridge is also maintenance-free. Stone does not weather. It retains its look for decades.


Unbeatable benefits:

  • Distinctively slender yet strong
  • Flush to the ground if required
  • Maintenance-free and attractive for decades
  • Sandblasted to ensure slip resistance even in snow and ice
  • Durable and sustainable

Pond bridges that are real eye-catchers.