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Expert planning for your fountain.

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Clarify feasibility and cost right from the preliminary design phase.

Building visually stylish fountains, interactive fountains, drinking fountains, water walls and floating granite spheres is one thing; planning them technically in every detail demands the skills of experienced engineers. At Kusser, we have all the necessary expertise in-house. We can offer you an expert planning service for your fountain project, whether we actually build it or not. The service includes supporting the creative process and carrying out the detailed planning.


Enabling you to plan – Our planning services:

  • Reliable cost estimating
  • Complete tender documentation
  • CAD designs
  • Proof of stability
  • Quote evaluation

Projects planned by Kusser:

Expert planning only, or the full package.

As an all-in-one vendor, we provide our services from the planning stage through to installation. You decide what phases of your project you need us for. Already got a project in the pipeline? Talk to us – nothing beats a one-to-one consultation.

Any questions?

G Fraunberger
Gert Fraunberger
Sales Manager Fountains, Project Manager

When it comes to fountain systems, Gert Fraunberger is your man. He will be able to give a quick answer to virtually any questions you might have on the subject of water and stone. The best idea is to get in touch with him right away.