Schwimmende Objekte aus Naturstein | Kusser Graniteworks

Floating spheres and tumbling objects.

Kusser Schwimmende Objekte

Heavy granite learns to float.

It is 30 years since our product conquered the world, and it is still fascinating to see how the silky-smooth surface floats weightlessly beneath the hands. The heavy granite ball weighing several tonnes can be easily rotated within its base stone – even by a child – without creating any wear. Just a razor-thin film of water separates the heavy ball from its base. The unique fountain has been copied often since – but the original is available only from Kusser.


Benefits of floating objects by Kusser:

  • Simple physical principles causing a great effect
  • Over 30 years' experience, and hundreds of floating granite spheres produced
  • Supreme precision in water engineering
  • Even children can move the objects easily
  • Unlimited lifespan, and safe to play with

Our projects with floating objects:

Imagine if you saw a child move a granite ball weighing a tonne. Or stone objects stacked several meters high, carefully balanced on a razor-thin film of water. You‘d be forgiven for thinking they were magic. There is, in fact, a secret behind these feats – thinking outside the box. The rest is simple physics ...

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