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Fountain 'Confluence'


The Fountain 'Confluence' in Cambridge, made of Fuerstensteiner granite, consists of gutter plates with carved pattern and round water collection plates. There are also block steps on the right and left side of the fountain.

The artist, Peter Randall-Page, worked with thedesign team and the local community to create an original public artwork toenrich the environment. ‘Confluence’ is a huge granite bowl-like sculptureembedded in the landscape in one of the site’s attenuation ponds. Inspired byriver systems and deltas the piece has an intricate system of vein like branchinggullies or ‘rills’ in which water is guided, flowing down to a central point.

Water is gently pumped toemerge at the top of the sculpture, bringing life to the carved rivulets etchedinto the stone as it flows downward. Not only is it visually contemplative, thesound is mesmerizing and meditative, too. The water flow is timed toperiodically stop and start, creating a natural ebb and flow; a drawing instone that appears and disappears in a natural timeless rhythm.


Project Details

ca. 630 x 610 x 85 cm
Cambridge, Great Britain
Ninewells Wohnanlage, Cambridge
Peter Randall-Page
Lauren Goldie

Used natural stones

Preview Fuerstensteiner Granit Gestockt

Fuerstenstein Granite, bush-hammered

Fountain and block steps
Trade name: Fuerstenstein Granite (Diorite)
Petrographic name : Diorite
Quarry: Paradise Quarry, Paradies 8, 94538 Fuerstenstein, Germany
Coordinates: 13.322° E / 48.710° N (WGS 84)
Typical colour: anthracite to dark grey
Visual appearance:

fine/medium-grained; appears with white, partially also differently coloured veining of various widths and shapes as well as lighter and darker mineral accumulations

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