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Between Sun Gate and Moon Place

Kusser Kunstwerke Zwischen Sonnentor Und Mondplatz 1

The installation, designed to be experienced from all sides, was conceived as a 100 m long and 4 m wide axis spanning the pedestrian zone of the European Patent Office in Munich. At midday, the light passes through a vertical slit in the 4.6 x 4.0 x 0.4 m high “sun gate” to fall onto a 40 m long and 15 cm wide stripe of black granite marking the meridian line that runs through the opening in the gate. Water flows from a rising wedge, slit down the middle, into a basin, the “moon palace,” where 28 discs represent the various phases of the moon.


Project Details

100 x 4 m
European Patent Office Munich
Hannsjörg Voth
Ingrid Amslinger

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