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Installation Syzygy

Kusser Kunstwerke Mat Chivers Syzygy
Kusser Kunstwerke Mat Chivers Syzygy 2

For the piece 'Syzygy' we produced the black crystalline sculpture from Indian black granite. The data for the processing in the CAM controlled machining centre came from an enlarged section of the 3D scan of the white 1.3 m high sculpture, which the artist had created in Quinto de Ebro alabaster.

'Syzygy' was exhibited at the solo exhibition 'Fascination' at Maddox Arts in London in 2011 and during the 54th Biennale as part of the group exhibition 'The Knowledge' in the Gervasuti Foundation in Venice.


Project Details

1900 x 1400 x 2600 cm
Mat Chivers

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