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Monolith and Sculpture

Kusser Kunstwerke Sailstorfer Justizzentrum Augsburg
Kusser Kunstwerke Sailstorfer Justizzentrum Augsburg 2
Kusser Kunstwerke Sailstorfer Justizzentrum Augsburg 3

For Josef Sailstorfer’s installations at the courthouses in Augsburg, we manufactured the ten meter high granite monolith for the inner courtyard, and also a three-part sculpture for the forecourt at the main entrance, out of Tittling coarse grain.

Other Josef Sailstorfer projects:

Kirchenplatz, Passau Innstadt, 1997 Fountain with 235 x 245 x 116 cm large basin, 270 cm high column

Technical college, Deggendorf, 1999 three 32 t sculptures from Impala granite

Ehrenhof der alten Hopfenpost Munich, 2001 Illuminated fountain sculpture made from Tittling coarse grain, 250 x 250 x 280 cm

Interior design St. Johannes Bosco in Germering, Unterpfaffenhofen, 2001

Interior design St. Rasso in Grafrath, 2004


Project Details

150 x 80 x 1025 cm
Criminal Justice Center Augsburg
Josef Sailstorfer

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