Town fountain, two part

Kusser Kunstwerke Brunnen Mit Wasservorhang
Kusser Kunstwerke Alfred Goerig Marktoberdorf

Granite und water, 400 x 400 x 120 cm
Granite and cast iron
(cut-out section), 180 x 180 cm

Further projects by Alfred Görig, for which Kusser Granitwerke provided support:

Untitled, 1991
Granite and cast iron
225 x 225 x 60 cm
Munich Pasing Sports Centre

Untitled, 1994/95
Granite and cast iron
400 x 360 x 90 cm
Kiliansplatz, Würzburg

Untitled, 1995/96
Granite and cast iron
870 x 110 x 110 cm
Würzburg Cathedral Square

Untitled, 1997
Granite and cast iron
450 x 400 x 130 cm
Seib Ing. Consult, Würzburg

Town fountain Pfronten, Allgäu, 2000
Stainless steel and granite
320 x 800 cm

Fountain Sparkasse Mittelthüringen
Sömmersda bank branch office
Granite and stainless steel, 2003

Memorial at Klosterhof Ursberg, 2004
Granite and cast iron
220 x 800 x 800 cm


Project Details

Marktoberdorf, 1995
Alfred Görig
Jens Weber, München

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