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Graveyard fountains, benches, secondary burial columns

Kusser Friedhofsbrunnen Baenke Nussloch 2
Kusser Friedhofsbrunnen Baenke Nussloch

We created a graveyard fountain, six radially cut seating benches and two tables, that also act as secondary burial columns, from light Bayerwald granite for the graveyard in Nußloch.


Project Details

Gemeinde Nußloch
Fountain basin: Ø 2 m, tables: Ø 1,2 m, benches: ca. 1,6 m
interior decorator:
Wilhelm Schneider, Walldorf
other information:

Graveyard fountains, benches, secondary burial columns
Wilhelm Schneider, Walldorf, 2014

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