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Granite Modular Runnel Water Feature

The long granite water feature for St. Francis Health System is made up of a modular granite Upper Basin, a Runnel, and a lower basin with a circular solid granite wall. The lower basin has a circular solid granite wall and contains a statue of St. Francis on a central solid granite pedestal. The interior floor is finished with granite pavers. The upper basin is rectangular and consists of three modules. It maintains a water level of 6 ½ inches in the basin at an elevation of 789.5 feet. The Runnel water feature consists of six engineered granite modules with integrated plumbing and electrical connections. Its approx. incline is one foot drop for every 38 feet. The interior floor finish is granite pavers. It maintains a water level of six inches in the basin at an elevation of 786.5 feet - exactly three feet lower than the Upper Basin. Perimeter LED lighting under the inside ledges of the water feature highlight the gentle water flow at dusk.


Project Details

Total fountain length: 162-ft 9-in.; Reflective Basin: 20-ft L x 23-ft 5-in W x 1-ft H; Runnel: 115-ft L x Height Varying; Lower Basin: 28-ft Dia x 1-ft 5-in H with 1.5ft Wide Seat Wall
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Tulsa, OK
Saint Francis Health System
prime contractor:
Manhattan Construction Group
landscape architect:
Howell & Vancuren Landscape Architects

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