Large granite fountain

Kusser Brunnen Brambelton Fountain2
Kusser Brunnen Brambelton Fountain3
Kusser Brunnen Brambelton Fountain5
Kusser Brunnen Brambelton Fountain6

Operating at variable speed the independently programmed cascade and clear stream nozzles create interweaving patterns at variable heights. Due to its modular design and precision fabrication the total installation time of the 15’ x 55’ tall solid granite fountain was five days only. The 55’ 9” x 15’0” large fountain basin is made of nine prefabricated, solid granite modules. The project consisted of extensive design and build.


Project Details

17 x 4,6 m
Brambleton, Ashburn, VA, USA
Lewis Scully Gionet, Inc.

1 Naturstein im Einsatz

Preview Tittlinger Grobkorn Geschliffen C120

Tittling Coarse Grain, honed

Fountain basin
Handelsbezeichnung:Tittling Coarse Grain
Petrographische Bezeichnung:Granite
Bruchort:Hoehenberg Quarry, Bachstraße 27, 94104 Tittling, Germany
Geokoordinaten:13.364° E / 48.745° N (WGS 84)
Typische Farbe:faintly yellow, greyish-white
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