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Brenninger fountain

Kusser Brenninger Brunnen Fulda
Kusser Brenninger Brunnen Fulda 2
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As part of the redesign of the area, the “Rock Fountain”, by Georg Brenninger, which has stood in front of the Karstadt building at the Fulda University Square since 1963, was renovated and placed in a new basin. The new fountain basin (10 m x 6.45 m) consists of five modules, manufactured from solid natural stone at the factory, and integrated on-site into a single basin with durable seals and screw fittings.


Project Details

Stadt Fulda
length: 10 m, width: 6.45 m
Fulda University Square
interior decorator:
Plangruppe Oberhausen, Reith + Wehner Architekten
Claudia Dreyße

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