Pentagon Row

Kusser Brunnen Einkaufszentrum 2
Kusser Brunnen Einkaufszentrum 3
Kusser Brunnen Einkaufszentrum 4
Kusser Brunnen Einkaufszentrum Kinder

Granite Modular Fountains

Granite disc with machined rings at the top of each. Designed to look like redwood trees that were cut and rings to indicate age. Water gushes through cascade nozzles and spills over the granite surface to a hidden basin under each feature.


Project Details

Fountain #1 = 6-ft 6-in; Fountain #2 = 6-ft; Fountain #3 = 7-ft 6-in
Arlington, VA
Federal Realty
prime contractor:
LF Jennings
landscape architect:
Mahan Rykiel Associates

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Gert Fraunberger
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