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Elliptical-shaped water table

Kusser Wassertisch Surheim
Kusser Wassertisch Surheim 2
Kusser Wassertisch Surheim 3

The water table in the Surheim village square was built as part of the renovation of Saaldorf-Surheim village. The landscape architects resorted to the classic motive of the village well and reinterpreted it as an elliptical water table of dark granite. The fountain increases the amenity value of the village square in front of the kindergarden and offers children opportunities for playing and sensory experiences. The edge of the elliptical water table has been rounded off and polished with high precision in such a way that one is drawn to touch it in order to feel its perfect form and silky surface under the thin film of water. The reflection of the surroundings on the smooth dark water surface and the quiet sound of water dripping all round as threads of water round off the tactile experience visually and acoustically.


Project Details

Gemeinde Saaldorf-Surheim
230 x 130 x 60 cm
landscape architect:
Mühlbacher und Hilse Landschaftsarchitektur

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