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Childrens Medical National Center

CNMC Childrens Hospital 1
Children Medical National

Granite Modular Fountain

Custom granite runnel feature located on the upper planter courtyard. When the activation button is pushed water enters the runnel at one end and rolls through a spline shaped runnel in the stone and drains at the opposite end.


Project Details

22.5-ft x 2-ft
Perkins and Will
Washington, DC
prime contractor:
James G. Davis Construction
landscape architect:
Michael Vergason Landscape Architects

Used natural stones

Preview Fuerstensteiner Granit Geflammt

Fuerstenstein Granite, flamed

Trade name: Fuerstenstein Granite (Diorite)
Petrographic name : Diorite
Quarry: Paradise Quarry, Paradies 8, 94538 Fuerstenstein, Germany
Coordinates: 13.322° E / 48.710° N (WGS 84)
Typical colour: anthracite to dark grey
Visual appearance:

fine/medium-grained; appears with white, partially also differently coloured veining of various widths and shapes as well as lighter and darker mineral accumulations

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