Modular granite fountain

Kusser Brunnen Der Radiologie Fulda
Kusser Brunnen Der Radiologie Fulda 2

The 9 x 9 m fountain basin from Tittling fine grain is made from six solid granite modules, and carries a 7 x 7 m water table, upon which four sculptures are attached, each weighing up to 5 t. Water is supplied via 3 nozzle branches, each with between 4 and 6 nozzles.

The “Brunnen der Radiologie” (Radiology fountain) in Fulda was revealed in November 2013 and was donated to the city by Dr. med Norbert Schmidt, specialist for radiology.


Break new ground.
With Kusser.

Magistrat der Stadt Fulda
9 x 9 m (basin), 7 x 7 m (water table)
David P. Campbell

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