Footbridge in Gevelsberg

Kusser Fussgaengerbruecke Gevelsberg1
Kusser Fussgaengerbruecke Gevelsberg2

As part of the "Urban Redevelopment West" a 19.40 m long prestressed granite bridge was built in 2010 to connect the centre of Gevelsberg directly with the new Ennepepark. The bridge construction was required to be lightweight and slender, without additional structural elements,
in order to enhance the existing scale of the Ennepepark.

At the same time the bridge had to meet the requirements of the contracting authority in terms of cost and sustainability (care, maintenance and durability). The prestressed granite bridge from Kusser Granitwerke impressed the architects and the client not only because of the slenderness of its superstructure, but also because of its exceptional resistance to road salt, weathering and abrasion.


Project Details

19,4 m x 2,50 m x 45 cm
rha – reicher haase associierte GmbH, Aachen
City of Gevelsberg
Stadt Gevelsberg
Patrick Kirschhofer
Dibt Siegel En

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