Footbridge in Hildesheim

Kusser Fussgaengerbruecke Hildesheim 1

The slender prestressed granite bridge at Kupferstrang in Hildesheim fits naturally and unobtrusively into the landscape. With a slab thickness of just 30 cm the bridge spans almost 15 m and can take a loading of 510 kg/m². When one considers that in prestressing the bridge forces corresponding to around 500 t were deployed, although the bridge itself only weighs 30 t, you get an impression of the compressive strength of the granite enabling it to be prestressed for this slenderness.

For optimal assurance of the execution quality Kusser Granitwerke uses the light grey Bayerwald granite from its own quarry when producing prestressed granite bridges.


Project Details

15,0 m x 2,50 m x 30 cm
Stadt Hildesheim
Kirstin Knufmann
Dibt Siegel En

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Georg Kusser
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