Footbridge in Ortenburg

Kusser Vorgespannte Granitbruecke Ortenburg
Kusser Fussgaengerbruecke Ortenburg
Kusser Fussgaengerbruecke Ortenburg 2

Due to the low superstructure height, a pedestrian bridge from post tensioned granite has a considerably larger drainage cross-section compared to similar alternative constructions. This made it possible to make a step-free crossing over the Wolfach (second order stream) in Ortenburg, which fulfills the requirements of the water resources authority. Because both post tensioned granite bridges are identical, apart from the balustrades, costs could be saved during planning, structural analysis, and production.

The new bridges lead to the public festival square, and at the Fellermühle to the Generationenpark, which is an area close to nature that people of all ages can enjoy.


Project Details

14 m x 1,2 m x 30 cm
interior decorator:
Wagmann Ingenieure (Objekt- & Tragwerksplanung)
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