Bridge with glass balustrade

Kusser Fussgaengerbruecke Glasgelaender 2
Kusser Fussgaengerbruecke Neuhausen 2
Kusser Fussgaengerbruecke Neuhausen 3
Kusser Fussgaengerbruecke Neuhausen
Kusser Fussgaengerbruecke Neuhausen 1

The listed Nepomuk bridge in Neuhausen auf den Fildern is as wide as a two-lane street and has solid natural stone balustrades on each side. A post tensioned granite bridge has therefore been erected next to the historic arch bridge to act as the new walkway. Due to its slender design and the glass balustrade, this bridge obscures the listed natural stone bridge as little as possible.


Project Details

Stadt Neuhausen a. d. Fildern
7,93 m x 2,30 x 20 cm
cheret bozic architekten, Stuttgart
Neuhausen a. d. Fildern
Dibt Siegel En

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