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Exterior granite floorings, stairs

Kusser Aschaffenburg
Kusser Aschaffenburg 2

In two construction phases, approximately 520 m² of ground slabs, 90 rm of block steps, 115 m² of small cobblestones, and 10 m³ of other workpieces (walls/ramps/edgings) made from Bayerwald granite were laid in the theater square in Aschaffenburg, Germany.

The Kusser granite factories provided the following services:

Block steps: Tittling coarse grain (built during the 1st construction phase), Plaidt basalt lava (delivered in 2nd construction phase)
Ground slabs: Hintertiessen granite (25% built during 1st construction phase), 75% delivered in 2nd construction phase)
Workpieces (walls/edgings): Hintertiessen granite (delivery in 2nd construction phase)
Small cobblestones: Fuerstenstein granite (diorite) (delivery in 2nd construction phase)


Project Details

Stadt Aschaffenburg, Tiefbauamt
ca. 400 m² granite floorings, 100 m granite steps

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