Interactive street elements

Kusser Spielgeraet Drehscheibe
Kusser Spielgeraet Klangstein

Stephen Richards (partner at Gillespies, London and one of the winners of the international idea competition “Granite in Public Areas”), developed interactive street elements such as the "lode stone" (Photo 1), "rumble stone" (Photo 2), "touch stone", "turn stone" and the "water stone".

The "Iode stone" is a kinetic sign consisting of an arched granite slab set flush in the ground. This slab can be turned slowly on a stainless steel bearing. A pointer on the stone can be set to point to marks let into the ground around the stone. (Photo 1)

The "rumble stone" is an area of stone slabs producing sounds when walked on. The stone resonance box under the slabs is arranged in such a way that different high tones are produced. "Rumble stones" can be installed individually or in groups. Holes in the slabs for lifting also increase the tones produced. (Photo 2)


Project Details

lode-stone: 2,2 m x 2,2, rumble-stone: 1,5 m x 1,5 m
Aicha vorm Wald
landscape architect:
Stephan Richards, England

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