Granite paving, outdoor steps

Kusser Einfassung Rampe Fuerstensteiner Granit
Kusser Einfassung Fuerstensteiner Mit Quarzader
Kusser Einfassung Fuerstensteiner Mit Quarzader 2

The patio covering, block steps and stepping stones, the large podium at the entrance, as well as the stepping and sitting stones on one of the outdoor steps, were made from sandblasted and brushed Fuerstenstein granite (diorite).

Brushing the sandblasted surface at the factory intensifies the dark gray color of the Fuerstenstein granite. At the same time, it increases the ease of cleaning the non-slip patio surface.


Project Details

168 m landscape edgings (100-150 x 60 x 20 cm), 130 m seating walls (200 x 60 x 50 cm)
Tirschenreuth Garden Show
Franz Kassecker GmbH, Siegfried Kahl GmbH
landscape architect:
geskes. hack Landschaftsarchitekten bdla, Berlin
Hanns Joosten

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