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Granite floorings, granite stairs

Kusser Granitboden Koesseine Granit 2
Kusser Granitboden Granitstufen Koesseine Granit
Kusser Granitstufen Luisenburg Koesseine Granit

The granite floor and steps of the Luisenburg festival stage in Wunsiedel are made from Koesseine granite, a natural stone from the region. The east part of the lower Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth also consists of the same stone. Koesseine granite is the only gray-blue granite mined in Europe.

The Luisenburg Festival is the oldest open-air festival in Germany. As part of the rebuilding of the festival stage, a foyer, workshops, and bleachers were built.


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Stadt Wunsiedel
Heidenreich & Springer Architekten

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