Floating disc with sculpture

Kusser Schwimmende Scheibe Rhein Neckar Arena

In front of the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Stadium a 5 m high steel sculpture rotates weightlessly around its own axis on a floating disc. Due to the very high precision of the stone working, very small water pressure is sufficient to lift the disc and sculpture weighing 11.5 tonnes and set it in rotary motion. Both the disc and the base stone are monolithic granite elements with diameters of 2.8 m and 3.8 m.


Break new ground.
With Kusser.

DH Besitzgesellschaft mbH & Co KG
discs-Ø 2.8 m x 60 cm, base-Ø 3.8 m x 65 cm, sculpture height 5 m
Wilhelm Schneider, Walldorf
TSG Stadium Hoffenheim 1899, Sinsheim
AGN Niederberghaus & Partner GmbH

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