Modular granite fountain

Kusser Brunnenanlage Belaya Dacha
Kusser Brunnenanlage Belaya Dacha 2
Kusser Brunnenanlage Belaya Dacha 3
Kusser Brunnenanlage Blau Beleuchtet
Kusser Granitmodule Brunnen Belaya Dacha

The 9 x 9 m water table with four foam effect nozzles and floating ball is made from custom-made granite modules (Fig. 5). It was completely pre-fabricated at the factory in Germany, and was installed in the Belaya Dacha Park shopping center in Moscow, ready for handover, in a few days.

The 60 cm high sides of the water table (made from Fuerstenstein diorite) are designed as water walls and are lit in different colors at night. The light gray seating blocks are made from Tittling fine grain.


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Hines Russia
OOO Stroy-Vest
interior decorator:
Hydea S.p.A., Florenz

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