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Facade Tittling Fine Grain

Kusser Fassade Tittlinger Feinkorn
Kusser Fassade Tittlinger Feinkorn Det

Project Details

Aicha vorm Wald

Used natural stones

Preview Tittlinger Feinkorn Geflammt

Tittling Fine Grain, flamed

Trade name: Tittling Fine Grain
Petrographic name : Granite
Quarry: Hoehenberg Quarry, Bachstraße 27, 94104 Tittling, Germany
Coordinates: 13.366° E / 48.744° N (WGS 84)
Typical colour: light grey
Visual appearance:

fine/medium-grained; appears with white, partially also differently coloured veining of differing widths and shapes as well as darker inclusions in various sizes and streaks

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