Bar "Zur Krone"

Kusser Bar Krone 1
Kusser Bar Krone 2

In the "Zur Krone" bar three large monoliths of Tittling Coarse-grain separate the bar area from the bar room and the service way behind:

Bar with cut out for chimney (550 x 30 x 112 cm), Wine stone: a 90 x 17 x 195 cm monolith with drilled holes in which wine bottles can be stored and spring stone: also a 90 x 17 x 195 cm monolith, with water issuing from an upper slot and being collected again by a lower slot.


Project Details

Mals, South Tyrol
Othmar Prenner
interior decorator:
Jürgen Wallnöfer

1 Naturstein im Einsatz

Preview Tittlinger Grobkorn Geschliffen C120

Tittling Coarse Grain, honed

Tresen, Weinstein, Quellstein
Handelsbezeichnung:Tittling Coarse Grain
Petrographische Bezeichnung:Granite
Bruchort:Hoehenberg Quarry, Bachstraße 27, 94104 Tittling, Germany
Geokoordinaten:13.364° E / 48.745° N (WGS 84)
Typische Farbe:faintly yellow, greyish-white
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