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Guthrie Green - Brady Park

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Kinslow, Keith & Todd, Inc.
Tulsa, OK
Manhattan Construction Group
SWA Group
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Guthrie Green was created at the initiative of the George Kaiser Family Foundation, which converted one city block, a former industrial site in the centre of the Brady Arts District of Tulsa, into a 2.7 acres park.

Featuring a stage, the dock pavilion, tree lined paths, shade structures, water features and a large lawn it offers space both for family activities and peaceful escapes.

The five interactive light and water shows Guthrie Green accommodates are each completely different in performance and display.

Four water features, a fog, mist, gush and seep fountain, are made of solid black gabbro in different shapes, measuring 5'x5'x2'-6'' each. Their effects are ranging from LED color changing light systems with fog to simple white lights with bubble jets. The fountain field, which is made of a pre-assembled structural framing and custom-cut, flamed Bohus granite pavers, is approximately 34' in diameter. All 37 nozzles can be controlled independently of each other offering an unlimited amount of interactive displays. After extensive value engineering examination Kusser FountainWorks fabricated and installed both the natural stone features and all five mechanical, electrical, filtration and sanitation systems. 37 LED lights and water switches were programmed for multiple interactive light and water shows. As is customary with all Kusser projects performing the initial start-up and training maintenance staff completed the project.

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