Granite. Sustainable by nature.

Kusser Leistungen Fachplanung

Nature and industry are often bitter competitors. That might be the case in many sectors, but happily not for Kusser. The quarrying, working and application of the raw materials causes no environmental impact. Quite the opposite in fact: Our quarries play a valuable role in protecting endangered animal and plant species.


Natural stone – a real energy-saver:

  • Little energy is consumed in its quarrying and working
  • Extremely long-lived
  • Reusable
  • A pure natural product

Life is blossoming in the quarries.

Who would have thought it? The harsh, barren landscapes of our quarries are a popular destination for migrant creatures. Eagle owls, peregrine falcons, yellow-bellied toads and many other species migrate to them. It is an ideal habitat for endangered species in particular. We think that's great news. And so do conservationists. We are working closely with them, and we are committed to conservation policies which will continue demonstrating into the future that raw material extraction and nature conservation do not have to be contradictory aims.

Company-owned hydro power station.

We generate some of the power needed for production operations ourselves, utilizing the water flowing through our Einzendobel power plant. Water power is a zero-emission source, leaves non-renewable resources untouched, and generates a safe, constant power supply. If you choose bridges, fountains and natural stone installations from Kusser, you will be choosing a product that is not only eco-friendly by nature, but is also fabricated in an astoundingly eco-friendly way.