Water table in Fuerstenstein granite

Kusser Wassertisch Waging

The water table of dark Fuerstenstein granite on the church square of Tettenhausen lies on a  cycle route around Waging Lake well frequented by tourists. Together with the seatings it is very inviting as a place for a short rest and is a popular meeting place. The surroundings are reflected in the smooth surface, whilst the water flows over chutes on the four sides. At night the water table is illuminated, the reflections on the surface of the water are intensified. The water table measuring 2.6 m x 1.4 m was prefabricated in the factory.


Break new ground.
With Kusser.

2,60 x 1,40 x 0,72 m
Waging am See
landscape architect:
Mühlbacher und Hilse Landschaftsarchitektur
Helmut Mühlbacher

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