Monolithic vanity

Kusser Waschtisch Tittlinger Granit 2
Kusser Waschtisch Tittlinger Granit
Kusser Naturstein Bad Detail
Kusser Naturstein Bad Duschtasse

A wide vein of rose quartz, feldspar and other minerals runs across the 345 cm long vanity. Although Tittling fine grain predominantly has veins and inclusions, only certain pieces can be selected for use in these applications. The planner and builder selects the raw slabs for each job individually. Thanks to skilled placement of the saw cuts, the veins and inclusions are aligned with the end product. A vanity from Tittling fine grain with a vein is always one-of-a-Kind.


Break new ground.
With Kusser.

Length of vanity unit: 3.45 m
interior decorator:
BKLS Architekten + Stadtplaner BDA
Kirstin Knufmann

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