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After the redesign of the Königsplatz area as part of the “projekt augsburg city”, the 2.2 m tall bronze female statue by the Italian sculptor Giacomo Manzù (1908 – 1991) was moved a few meters north of its original location. It was then placed in a new water basin, level with the ground, and rebuilt with new water technology.

In addition, a 16.5 m long seating bench made from Fuerstenstein diorite (in five parts, each element is 3.3 m long) with LED lighting in the base, was also delivered.

The Manzù fountain was originally donated by the IHK Schwaben and many other companies from Augsburg for the city’s 2000-year anniversary, and was unveiled in 1985. It is a popular meeting point on the Königsplatz.


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Stadt Augsburg
landscape architect:
Adler & Olesch | LAen BDLA, Stadtplaner SRL u. Ing.

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