Fountain group in Alzenau

Kusser Fontaenenfeld Alzenau 8
Kusser Fontaenenfeld Alzenau 4
Kusser Fontaenenfeld Alzenau 5
Kusser Fontaenenfeld Alzenau 2

The fountain group at the market square in Alzenau is open to traffic and was prefabricated completely from solid granite. The two shallow granite basins under the fountain group not only collect the returning water but at the same time have the function of a reservoir. As in order to construct the fountain group the concrete topping over the underground car park had to be broken up, the slender thickness of this construction in solid granite was a great advantage.


Break new ground.
With Kusser.

City of Alzenau
7,67 x 7,67 m
City of Alzenau
interior decorator:
Modus Consult
J. Schlaug - Belesprit Photodesign

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